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stories that make a difference

There is so much good in this world. So many inspiring, great stories to tell about people, organisations and companies that work for a better tomorrow. About people who strive, despite the circumstances, to make a change, not just for themselves, but for entire societies. Those are the stories I tell.

In my work as a photographer, copywriter, writer and editor, I produce stories about humanitarian issues and sustainable change. Those are stories about education, agriculture, health, integration, economic and social justice. Those are also stories about sustainable development, Agenda 2030 and climate change. But most of all they are stories that reveal the true strength in people.

I work primarily with non-profit organisations and companies that strive for sustainable change. The stories I create inspire hope, educate the public, connect with donors and build brands. My aim is to create change – and I do so with the deepest respect for the dignity of everyone I work with.

You can hire me to produce articles, reports, fundraising campaigns, social media content, photo exhibitions, presentations and so on. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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